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Box Blades

Many brands of box blades claim to be the best value, but which one really is? If a box blade won’t stand up to the use you need, and you end up folding it up like an accordion, it is not a value. Our box blades are built to withstand the pressure of the machine they are designed for, without weighing it down with bracing and gusseting that you won’t need. The extra weight of unnecessary bracing on box blades will only take away from your tractor’s maximum effectiveness.

Poplar uses of box blades include: grading, leveling, spreading gravel, filling in low spots, clearing paths, and countless other creative uses. The effectiveness of a box blade comes from it’s strength and adjustment features. If your primary use for a box blade is to smooth uneven ground, then you want teeth that can adjust down into the dirt and allow you to tear up the hard dirt to lay it smooth, if you are spreading fill dirt, then you would want to adjust the teeth so that they don’t disturb the underlying dirt.