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Brush Cutter

When you have large tracts of land, it can be hard to keep the vegetation down. Mowing 10 acres would take an extremely long time that most people don’t have, so it usually only gets cut a few times a year, and when your vegetation has a longer time to grow, it’s going to take a little more brawn than your average lawn mower has. A tractor rotary brush cutter is the perfect tool to get this job done.

A brush cutter, or rotary cutter has large blades that when combined can be up to 10 feet wide, clearing out a huge path of land in a single swipe, and since they are so heavy, can easily chop through 1″ thick material such as trees and brush. With such large blades clearing a huge path, you can cut many acres of land in a much shorter period of time.

Brush cutters are generally used just a few times a year, giving the vegetation enough time between clearings to thicken enough to render a standard lawn mower unusable. A brush cutter can power its way through thick overgrown brush and debris while maintaining a nice level cut around 1-2″ off of the ground. The floating top link design helps keep the cut even across uneven ground.

72 Inch Land Shark Brush Cutter