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For new gardens, meaning 5 years old or less, it is essential that you plow your dirt twice a year. You want to roll the vegetation under ground in the spring to give it time to decompose over the winter, and then again in the spring before tilling and planting your garden. Most home owners that have a tractor have a compact tractor that isn’t capable of pulling huge two bottom plows, or even taller single bottom plows, so make sure you buy the right plow for your tractor.

The Land Shark tractor plows are built specifically for compact tractors to give you the most plowing power from your tractor. The Land Shark plows sit lower to the ground to ensure that your tractor can lift them out of the ground after plowing. The mold board is built to prevent thick dirt from sticking to the moldboard to make sure the soil lays over in a nice clean path.

The narrow hitch is designed to make it easier to hook up the Land Shark plow to your tractor. The heavy duty beams will keep the plow straight where it needs to be, and the shear bolt will protect the tractor if the plow gets stuck under a large heavy object it can’t pull loose.